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euNetworksWebMeso uses euNetworks located in Amsterdam. EuNetworks is directly located and connected to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), is Europe's foremost provider of mission-critical, high quality & performance networking solutions, exclusively serving large Corporates, Carriers and (Internet) Service Providers.

Why euNetworks?

All services are delivered over their wholly owned, billion euro, all-fibre optic network, connecting the major cities and economies of Europe. EuNetworks achieves massive peering with other networks with over 1,000 transit sessions to over 430 different AS numbers. It has fully redundant routing equipment with cable routing diversity which will ensure the highest levels of network availability. Its high capacity fibre networking with unrivalled metro reach results in a minimum of router hops with the lowest amount of packet loss. Terabits of pre-provisioned capacity in its network ensures networking solutions that minimise congestion and reduce the possiblity of failure.

euNetworks security

euNetworks security is strikt. These data centres have been constructed to operate effectively and have only Tiers III & IV systems providing an outstanding uptime of 99.9% and higher.

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