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networkWebMeso makes use of the Duocast network (AS31477). Duocast network makes use of the following peering routes: AMS-IX, NL-IX, GN-IX, FreeBIX and OpenPeering. Also the next transits routes are being used: Level3, Global Crossing, KPN, AboveNet, Atom86, Cogent and Hurricane Electric.


The euNetworks data centre is located in the AMS-IX zone (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) for the fastest connections in the Netherlands itself, Europ and abroad. The AMS-IX is the professional, neutral Internet exchange that leads the way in global peering services. The AMS-IX is the biggest portal for datatraffic in whole Europ, has over 300 connected parties coming from all around the world and offers the highest volume of peering parties you will find anywhere at a single Exchange.

AMS-IX just operates the industry's most robust and advanced peering platform. All types of ISPs including broadband providers, content delivery networks, webhosters, and incumbent operators use AMS-IX services to improve their IP performance.

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