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Operating systems: Linux & Windows

tux and windowsWebMeso gives several options regarding operating systems. Linux versions: Ubuntu Server (32/64bit), Centos Server (32/64bit), Debian Server (32/64bit), Fedora Server (32/64bit). Multiple Windows versions: Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012 (32/64bit), Standard Editions.


Linux stands for reliability, performance, independence of suppliers and safety against the best price. Most Linux platforms are free and can be used as the basic principle for an infinite amount of ICT solutions: from embedded applications, office technology and other kinds of platforms for many Internet activities. Linux is supported by all major software companies. Because of the fact that more and more businesses are using online services, the demand for reliable platforms increases. Exactly on that point the combination of Linux and other open source software and plugins can be of great benefit. At the lowest cost you can get the maximum availablity which is guaranteed. Linux, Mysql, Apache and PHP are one of the best combinations to work with.


Windows server 2008 R2 is the latest Microsoft operating system for dedicated servers. Characteristics of dedicated servers based on Windows are: the ability to have multiple simultaneous remote graphical logins to your dedicated server, Internet Information Services (IIS), improved in performance and scalability in the Windows server series and and compatability with Plesk, which is a control panel competitively priced to manage your Windows dedicated server easily. We recommend to choose one of the Windows server series as the operating system if you require one of the previous applications.

Dedicated servers: Linux or Windows?

The first thing that needs to be considered is which applications you are going to use. In most cases, Windows and Linux dedicated servers will comply with any particular application. Most use a combination of PHP and MySQL which are available on both platforms. Some programs based on a specific service are only written for Linux platforms and some websites are written in ASP which requires Windows. The choices based on the applications which are used must be considered before deciding which operating system should be used.

Another thing to consider is technical expertise. Windows dedicated servers are perfect for someone who is starting out in the world of dedicated servers, as the interface is both intuitive and easy. When using Windows as a platform there is the need to click a lot and various options will be shown on screen. On the other hand, Linux dedicated servers have been built for the more technically inclined and require remembering various commands with basically no graphical interaction. There are applications e.g client that make managing a Linux dedicated server very simple.

So your choice depends on whether you prefer the ease of Windows graphical interface or the vast number of customization options in the Linux command line. Both Linux and Windows dedicated servers can be used by companies and individuals.


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