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Frequently Asked Questions - General

faqWebMeso created this FAQ with different sections. In this way you can easily find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. The FAQ has been divided into the following different sections: hosting, webhosting, domains and financial. These sections will guide you to further information on our website. This page, also known as the general section, contains answers to general questions.

Q & A

1. How can I order one or multiple products?

arrow The customer panel can be used to manage your orders, invoices and so on.

2. Where can I see, download and email my invoice(s)?

arrow Our customer panel gives the option to download, email and view all your invoices.

3. What payment options are available?

arrow You can complete your payment by bank and paypal.

4. How can I get into contact with WebMeso?

arrow By email, our contact form or use the customer panel which has a ticket system.

5. On what days can I contact WebMeso?

arrow WebMeso is available on all days of the week.

6. What will happen to my personal information?

arrow We keep it safe. We don't share or sell personal information to other parties.

7. What languages are supported by WebMeso?

arrow In general our main languages are Dutch and English.

8. Is there a term to cancel my services?

arrow Yes, the term to cancel your service is different for every product. Usually it is one month.

9. How can I stop my products and contract?

arrow You can use our contact options to send a message with a request to stop the service.

10. Where can I find the Terms of Service?

arrow The Terms of Service can be found in the footer or here.

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