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Frequently Asked Questions - Hosting

faqThis FAQ section focuses on questions as regards hosting. You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about hosting on this page.

Q & A

1. Which operating system can be installed on my dedicated server?

arrow All kinds of operating systems can be installed, such as windows & linux versions.

2. Does WebMeso install the software regarding the operating system?

arrow WebMeso installs your desired operating system as well as supported software packages on request, including Apache, PHP, MySQL and several other basic packages. As these servers are unmanaged, we do not implement any additional software products besides our standard service.

3. Who is the owner of the dedicated server and maintains the hardware?

arrow WebMeso owns and maintains the hardware of the dedicated server at all times, unless you bought a server from us or when you colocated your own server at our rackspace.

4. Do I have access to the root of my dedicated server?

arrow Yes, you have full access to the dedicated server and you can install and configure the dedicated server to your own needs.

5. Does WebMeso offer remote rebooting for dedicated servers?

arrow Yes, with our remote reboot panel you can reboot your dedicated server at any time.

6. Is a control panel installed on my dedicated server?

arrow No, as default no control panel is installed on your server.

7. Can I upgrade my dedicated server any time I want?

arrow Sure, you can upgrade your dedicated server configuration any time you want.

8. How many websites can be hosted on my dedicated server?

arrow This really depends on the setup of the dedicated server, the amount of visitors, the operating system used, the type of website and what kind of scripts are used on the websites.

9. Can I get an additional IP for my dedicated server?

arrow You can contact us to get additional IPs for your dedicated server.

10. Is there a possibilty to connect my dedicated servers to another?

arrow You can contact us to connect your dedicated servers to another.

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