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Frequently Asked Questions - Webhosting

faqThis FAQ section focuses on questions as regards webhosting. You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about webhosting on this page.

Q & A

1. How can I register a new domain name?

arrow You can use our customer panel to register your domain name.

2. How long does it take until my domain name gets active?

arrow There can be a delay which depends on what time it will take to complete the payment and how fast the DNS servers are updated with other ISP providers.

3. I already own a domain name somewhere else, how do I transfer it to WebMeso?

arrow You will need to order the domain name inside our control panel and request the AUTH code from your current host. We will need the AUTH code to confirm the transfer.

4. How long does it take when I want to transfer my domain name to WebMeso?

arrow A normal domain name transfer will take up to 48 - 72 hours. The time this will take can vary between all different extensions, such as .nl .de .com and so on.

5. The domain name that I want to transfer is locked. What should I do?

arrow First you will need to request a removed of the lock at your current provider and after that ask for a (new) AUTH code. We will need the AUTH code to confirm the transfer.

5. Which control panel does WebMeso use for webhosting and domain names?

arrow Direct Admin is being used to control your (multiple) domain names and webhosting.

6. Can I register multiple domain names on the same user account?

arrow Yes, you can register all your domain names on one single account.

7. Can I host mulitple domain names on one webhosting package?

arrow Yes, you can host all your domain names on one single webhosting package.

8. Back-ups, is this a standard feature and how often are they made?

arrow There are daily back-ups made. These back-ups are available on request to our clients.

9. Do I have access to the daily made back-ups?

arrow No, you can send us a request when you need a back-up.

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