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Virtual Private Servers

colocationWebMeso creates VPS also known as VDS by virtualization of servers. Virtualized servers, such as a Virtual Dedicated Server or a Virtual Private Server, will result in multiple virtual servers which run on a single physical host machine. This technique will result in lower costs, easy to scale up or down and easy to manage without any concerns about the hardware. VPS renting starts at € 9,99 a month (inclusive of VAT).

VPS type:
All standard settings below here are included with the price above. Setup costs are one time only.
CPU cores:
Disk space:
Data traffic:
Operating system:
After completing your order we will contact you which exact (bit)version you want us to install.
Invoice term:
Monthly costs: inclusive of 21% VAT
Setup costs: one time only and inclusive of 21% VAT
First invoice costs: inclusive of 21% VAT

Hosting specifics

The following things are included with every VPS:
tickAll prices are inclusive of 21% VAT.
tick1 IP address (more on demand).
tickNo hidden costs or fees.
tickStatistics (like data traffic).
tick99.99% uptime.

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